Friday, April 2, 2010

hello world!

what to say when its been forever since i last updated this blog? well chris is working like crazy about a little more than a month ago he tore all the ligaments in his ankle playing church basketball and was off of work for two weeks and it took him a good week before he could even walk on it. good news its pretty much healed at least to the point he can do just about everything he could before his injury. hes working out like a mad man and getting a nice tan ( he wants to try out a body building competition in the summer so hes also on this crazy no carb diet and basically all protein is what hell eat. other than that he's just keeping busy trying to help me out with bailey.

Bailey is busy as ever her favorite movies are UP, Horton hears a who, and Barney. shes slowly getting potty trained and she seems to like it when she chooses to go that is. she is learning all sorts of words these days mainly one worded phrases but shes getting good at pronouncing them. she loves shoes and her fruits and pastas. loves to play tough a war with my parents dogs and loves to have her toe nails painted.shes finally getting hair on the sides of her head so hopefully the mullet is out by the end of the summer oh and she is finally in nursery and she seems to like it for the most part.

as for me i have 3 weeks left in my pregnancy and cant wait for it to be over. i've been in nesting mode on and off since i hit about 4 months and im just trying to prepare bailey and chris for the changes coming since they both have never dealt with a new born that'll be fun yay! im still a teacher in the primary and have 11 kids in my class and love it. Chris has been on my case about eating healthier and exercising more so ive been trying to do that without pushing myself over the edge which im thankful for otherwise i wouldnt have done any of it. oh i had a dr.s appt. today and the baby( no name yet thanks to chris) is weighing about 6 pounds 5 ounces dilated to almost a 2 and contraction are about 3 times an hour so its not too bad i guess and she looks great. however my fluid levels are pretty low so next week i have to go back in and get another ultra sound and if they are the same or lower ill have to be induced so maybe as soon as next thursday we'll have our new addition arriving. im way excited but nervous at the same time since my last labor and delivery experience wasnt at all fun but im hoping for the best. ill try to keep everyone posted