Friday, April 2, 2010

hello world!

what to say when its been forever since i last updated this blog? well chris is working like crazy about a little more than a month ago he tore all the ligaments in his ankle playing church basketball and was off of work for two weeks and it took him a good week before he could even walk on it. good news its pretty much healed at least to the point he can do just about everything he could before his injury. hes working out like a mad man and getting a nice tan ( he wants to try out a body building competition in the summer so hes also on this crazy no carb diet and basically all protein is what hell eat. other than that he's just keeping busy trying to help me out with bailey.

Bailey is busy as ever her favorite movies are UP, Horton hears a who, and Barney. shes slowly getting potty trained and she seems to like it when she chooses to go that is. she is learning all sorts of words these days mainly one worded phrases but shes getting good at pronouncing them. she loves shoes and her fruits and pastas. loves to play tough a war with my parents dogs and loves to have her toe nails painted.shes finally getting hair on the sides of her head so hopefully the mullet is out by the end of the summer oh and she is finally in nursery and she seems to like it for the most part.

as for me i have 3 weeks left in my pregnancy and cant wait for it to be over. i've been in nesting mode on and off since i hit about 4 months and im just trying to prepare bailey and chris for the changes coming since they both have never dealt with a new born that'll be fun yay! im still a teacher in the primary and have 11 kids in my class and love it. Chris has been on my case about eating healthier and exercising more so ive been trying to do that without pushing myself over the edge which im thankful for otherwise i wouldnt have done any of it. oh i had a dr.s appt. today and the baby( no name yet thanks to chris) is weighing about 6 pounds 5 ounces dilated to almost a 2 and contraction are about 3 times an hour so its not too bad i guess and she looks great. however my fluid levels are pretty low so next week i have to go back in and get another ultra sound and if they are the same or lower ill have to be induced so maybe as soon as next thursday we'll have our new addition arriving. im way excited but nervous at the same time since my last labor and delivery experience wasnt at all fun but im hoping for the best. ill try to keep everyone posted

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Long needed update

YES im a horrible blogger i know but hey one day ill pick up again and be on top of things. alright so starting with Chris- he has been hard with the police and enjoys his job very much his schedule right now is 4 ten hour shifts from tues to fri working the graveyard shift. I loe this schedule but come august itll be the same excet for the days which will be sat evening to tuesday evening which im really upset about cuz now he'll have a hard time attending church or even awak i should say and probably not be in a good mood those days and we wont get to have fhe. moving on he and my brother have played tennis a few time this past few weeks which is great except they dont know much on how to play jsut yet bt its a work in progress. He is learning spanish!!!! yay for him and its going pretty well i think. he has also been working out which is great cuz it gives him time to himself and relieve any stress.

Bailey- she is now walking! i know its insane not very well yet but she's already trying to run but never get farther then a few steps. she loves to help with the laundry (by handing me the clothes ive already folded, of course) everything is ma and when she does say dada its usually at the dogs or at random things. she's learned to do the ok sign oh and say maw aka more and pay aka please not that she really know the mean i think. she also kisses and makes the sounds of a motor engine as well as the sound you make when blowing bubbles in the water. she loves to dance ( its usually to broadway and hip hop music ive noticed) and loves to play in the pool and tub or sink. and her birthday is just a few weeks away!

Me- im also learning spanish, i know i should know this stuff already, i can understand pretty well but i suck when it comes to speaking it ioh by the way i hate the word newspaper in spanish i can never say it. im still at home with baiely and i love spending time with her. i love going on wlaks or bike rides but its been too hot during the day so i have to do it before 8 or after 6 30 at nght. i spending a ton of time cleaning after bailey but by the end of the day its pretty much the same but im ok with it. oh i got a NEW CAR!!!! and i love it ive also have a calling in the primary and i love it so much the kids are great. other than that i think ive covered it allbut we are going on vacation in a little more than a week to idaho and chris will come back a few days early and ill spend the last days in utah. im so excited im counting down and im wantign to pack now but ill hav eto wait until it comes closer. anyways here are a few pics.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's been forever!!!!

Im so bad at this i cant believe its been so long since ive wrote anything im really sorry everyone! ok update time Chris and i are loving our house and our ward! everyone is so nice. I have a calling in the primary with the CTR 8's and i love everyone of them!!!! they are such amazing kids and Bailey loves them too, esp the boys she's a big flirt already ( she's going to be a heart breaker!). CHris is enjoying working back on the streets with the police and is having fun being home. I've been busy trying to keep up with Bailey and her mess's. Bailey has since learned how to crawl and can pull herself up and stand on her own but not for very long. she loves our dvds and thinks they are her's to throw everwhere. she says mama and dada and is learning to say more but its more like maw and hi ma!. she gives hi fives and say bye when she feels like it and gives kisses and head bangs!( she hasnt gotten the dance part down just the head). and she is very determined and indepentant and doesnt like to be helped out much. and she has learned to crawl up the stairs and knows what the purpose of the baby monitore is for so whenm she wakes up she'll climb up and disconnect the monitore and hide it so that she can play or chew on he crib. she's jsut like daddy she love's to eat and play rough. and knows how to get her way. oh she has also kissed her first boy and has held hands with a number of boys from the ward and likes to read or at least act like she can we have tons of books! other than that we spend alot of time with my side of the family and are always busy . i couldnt have ever thought my life would turn out so blessded and crazy at the same time i love my life! ill post new pic really soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Monday was Chris and my 2 year Anniversary. On saturday night we dropped off Bailey with my parentsand Chris took me to the melting pot!! we had such a great time to have a night out to ourselves and the food was super yummy. we usually only take a hour for dinner but we ended up being there for 2 hours. after we picked up BAiley and put her to bed we watched a movie and made plans to go to the zoo on monday then headed off to bed. i love my husband and what an amazing person he is. i cant believe how much he loves me and bailey. Happy anniversary love!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a day at the park

The other day bailey her puppy (not really shes gettin old) and i went on a walk to the park and our neighborhood has a cleaning crew and one of the guys had a leaf blower and he aimed it up into a tree and all the dried leaves fell, so we went back home got the camera and we played in the leaves. Bailey loved it, it was something new to play with. and gordie (our dog) would try to eat the leaves everytime bailey would throw them. we had a ton of fun

after bailey woke up from her nap. she looks a little out of it but still happy!

these two pictures are of bailey trying for the first time. she wasnt to excited for the taste but really liked playing with it. boy what a mess feeding that girl gets!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


two days ago i said goodbye to my longest bestest friend megan. i've cried on and off for the past few weeks, im so sad that she has left. Megan, her husband, and their two children moved to Texas so that Her hubby Brock could go to Chiropractic School. Im so happy that he was accepted and that he has been given this opprotunity but since grade school megan and i have never lived more than 10 mins away from each other and even had the chance to live with each other. She has always been the oposite from me, the pretty girl, the one that always had a funny story and the better sense of style. Even though we were so different from each other its what made us best friends. I know its pathetic of me be crying and sad that she's gone and both of our husbands tell us its silly and even though its for a few years ill still miss her terribly. Megan I love you and your my bestest friend and im sorry for not being able to spend more time with you before you left. thank you for looking out for me when i couldnt do it myself and putting up with all my crap, and im sorry i cant be there to watch and help you with ry and ox. I know i tease you alot but i only do it because you give it right back to me and it makes me laugh to see how silly and whats dorks we look like. Ill see you soon and give the babies a kiss for me. MWAH!!!

P.S. when your feeling sad just think of trying to tell me about the mountain dew commercial, love ya!